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Senecio (String of Dolphins) 130 mm


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An intriguing succulent withtrailing tendrils featuringuniquely shaped foliage. Asthese strings cascade overthe edge of pots or hangingbaskets it looks just like a podof dolphins frolicking in theocean.Outdoors it prefers morningsun as the afternoon sun is tooharsh for these playful marinecreatures. Indoors should be abrightly lit area. Check the soiland only water if it feels dryor the plant looks limp. Soilshould be kept moist but notwet with increased vigilanceover the warmer months.

Ready soon


An intriguing succulent with
trailing tendrils featuring
uniquely shaped foliage. As
these strings cascade over
the edge of pots or hanging
baskets it looks just like a pod
of dolphins frolicking in the
Outdoors it prefers morning
sun as the afternoon sun is too
harsh for these playful marine
creatures. Indoors should be a
brightly lit area. Check the soil
and only water if it feels dry
or the plant looks limp. Soil
should be kept moist but not
wet with increased vigilance
over the warmer months.

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