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Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) 200 mm


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Rosmarinus officinalis A popular and well-knownevergreen, perennial, shrub witharomatic, dark green, needle-likeleaves and lavender blue flowersGreat for coastal, hertb, cottage andlow water use gardens. Ideal inlarge pots and containers. Can betrimmed as a hedge. Harvest yearround and use the fresh or driedleaves in lamb, chicken or othermeat dishes.Grows well in most well drainedsoils. Tolerant of rocky sitescoastal conditions, light frosts anddry periods. Tip prune regularly toencourage here for more fuiting plants and edible plants 

Ready soon


Rosmarinus officinalis

A popular and well-known
evergreen, perennial, shrub with
aromatic, dark green, needle-like
leaves and lavender blue flowers
Great for coastal, hertb, cottage and
low water use gardens. Ideal in
large pots and containers. Can be
trimmed as a hedge. Harvest year
round and use the fresh or dried
leaves in lamb, chicken or other
meat dishes.
Grows well in most well drained
soils. Tolerant of rocky sites
coastal conditions, light frosts and
dry periods. Tip prune regularly to
encourage bushiness.

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