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Pandorea jasminoides, commonly known as Bower of Beauty, Bower Vine or Bower Climber is an evergreen, vigorous woody climber, and member of the Bignoniaceae family. Typically found in tropical and subtropical rainforests and warm temperate areas of eastern Queensland to northern New South Wales, it will thrive in southern Australia if provided sufficient moisture and frost protection when young. Despite being frost tender to 5˚C it survives Canberra winters in sheltered areas.

Growing in most soils that are moist and well-drained (acidic soils are also suitable) it prefers full sun or part-shade. Adequate sunlight is required for good flowering and as a rainforest climber it will grow to reach for sunlight. Pandorea jasminoides tolerates a range of humidity conditions and due to growing well in inner urban areas it is assumed to be smog-tolerant.


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8 pack