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Aloe Variegata - (Tiger Aloe)


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Also referred to as Partridge-breasted aloe and Tiger aloe, Aloe Variegata is a species of flowering plant from the family of Asphodelaceae. This evergreen plant indigenous to Namibia and South Africa. Unlike most Aloe species, it features whitish spots on the leaves giving it a stunning appearance. Its streaked leaves and salmon pink flowers amaze the nature lover.

Aloe Variegata is classified as a dwarf. Its spineless leaves are usually around 150 to 200mm long. The leaves arranged in ranks of 6 to 8 leaves. According to age, leaves may develop into twisted form. Moreover, their color may vary from green to gray to chocolate with white patterns on both sides.

During the Spring season, the plant produces alluring tall orange to pink flowers of around 40 mm long that attract bees, butterflies and birds too. Though it suits rockeries you can plant it in containers too.


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8 pack