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Lilly Pilly: The lilly pilly is made up of the plant varieties the Syzygium, the Waterhousea and the Acmena, Lilly pilly plants are very hardy and versatile able to be used in most environments. The Lilly pilly plant is widely used in Australian backyards creating a thick beautiful Lilly pilly hedge. We offer a large range for you to buy lilly pilly plants online. Lilly Pilly resilience makes a fantastic hedge that also makes a stunning feature with its red new growth. Acmena smithii minor also known as cherry surprise dense thick foliage with smaller leaves that makes for a great low lilly pilly hedge with 1 and 3 m in height making it an easy to maintain. Acmena Allyn Magic lilly pilly grows up to 50cm high and is perfect for borders and footpath edging.   Waterhouse Floribunda the weeping lilly pilly grows up to 10m in height. Waterhouse Floribunda having weeping shiny lime leaves.