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What are The Best Types of Plants Coming into Autumn?

If you think Spring and Summer are the only seasons when the weather is suitable for gardening, think again. There are numerous plants that can bring colour, fragrance, and add interest to your garden in autumn. If you want to get new shrubs for the next year, Autumn is the time to start planting them. Although in autumn weather begins to get colder yet the soil is still warm enough for the development of new roots. However, for better growth, you will have to plant them at the natural soil lines.


This autumn, you may try planting below-mentioned shrubs that grow even if the temperature is not favourable.


Camellia Sasanqua

Camellia Sasanqua is one of prettiest fall shrubs, tender in colour, graceful in appearance and pleasant in fragrance. When summer fades and leaves start turning, this shrub blooms. Depending on where you live, Camellias can sprout any time from late summer via fall and into winter. Its full bloom capabilities make it the glory of the garden in autumn. So, plant it to keep your garden blooming though autumn.  

Michelia Figo

Michelia Figo is an evergreen shrub also known as ‘Banana Shrub’. It can be planted in almost any kind of soil ranging from light sandy to medium loamy to heavy clay. The good thing is that Michelia Figo is in leaf all year and pops up flowers from April to July. Autumn is the season for propagation. So if you’re planning to plant some amazing shrubs this fall season, go get this one.

Camellia sasanqua Setsugekka

Camellia Sasanqua Setsugekka is an elegant and potent fall-blooming flower plant famous for its semi-double white flowers that produce pleasant fragrance. It is tender in colour and graceful in appearance. With dark-green foliage and undulated petals, this shrub creates an eye-pleasing presence. This medium-sized plant grows arching branches that may grow up to 3 to 4 inches. Moreover, it makes perfect hedges and screens for woodland gardens.

Grevillea Flora Mason

Grevillea Flora Mason is an amazing fall-winter flowering plant that looks like Grevillea Winpara Gem in flower and foliage. This Australian-native plant belongs to the family of Proteaceae and has great frost and drought tolerance capacity.

This fast-growing shrub produces apricot-yellow-pink flowers all over Autumn and Winter that attract native hummingbirds as well. With 5 feet width and 6 feet height, Flora Mason is ideal for large-sized gardens. Suitable to a variety of soil types, it is tolerant to frost and coastal condition. You can plant it full sun as we as partial shade.

Final Words

Gardening isn’t just a Spring or a Summer activity. These are a few plants that you can plant even in the fall season and keep your garden lush green, aromatic, and beautiful. Hopefully, this post will help you prepare in a better way for gardening in the autumn season.

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