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The health benefits of having plants in your home (science backed)

Like many other friends and coworkers, you’ll love to have plants in your homes or somewhere around your office. But then, do you think of the care and attention plants need to grow? Can you really create that amount of time out of your schedule? Do you prefer to have greenery in your homes and workplaces? Well, there a number of science-based health benefits of having plants around your homes. These health benefits are far worth the required cost to set up a routine in watering and taking proper care of the plants. In addition, there are plants that require less care and attention like succulents.

While you might have heard of the health benefits of having plants in your home, you might also be unsure of the realities you’ll achieve having them. Can you really find pleasure having plants around you? Will they really improve the quality of your atmosphere? Various researches have been made and the truth has been discovered. Here are a few of the science-backed health benefits of having plants in your home:

They purify the atmosphere around you: Typically, the levels of pollution are higher indoors as compared to outdoors. This is due to the effect of the indoor contaminants such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). VOCs are usually emitted by home furnishings, detergents and even paints. Opening the windows of your homes and allowing proper ventilation can help improve the quality of the air indoors. According to a study conducted by NASA, it was discovered that plants around homes can help eliminate chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene from the atmosphere. Some plants are particularly helpful when it comes to purifying the atmosphere and one of them is English Ivy which has been proven to reduce airborne mould by 78%.

Increase Concentration and Productivity: Recently, research has proven that people tend to show better performance when it comes to attention-based tasks when surrounded by plants. One study also reveals that incorporating plants into a workspace will go a long way in improving productivity by 15%. This is a simple theory. When our attention is drawn towards the plants or flowers on our desks at or homes or workplaces, we tend to take a micro-break from the screen of our computer and this helps to boost our connections.

Help You Sleep Better: The amount and quality of sleep we get has a huge impact on the quality of our health. There are two major ways in which you can get a good night sleep while having plants around you; one is by purifying the air in your bedroom and the other is by giving off a scent that will help you relax better.

Plants such as snake plants, aloe vera and orchids have been known to release oxygen especially at nights and this will help you breathe better. Apart from that, you’ll also absorb toxins from the air. You can choose to plant jasmine or lavender if you want a plant that provides you with the sweet smell for a night of better sleep.

There you have it! Perhaps some of the science-backed health benefits of having plants around your home.

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