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How & When to Prune Which Plants

How & When to Prune Which Plants


Most plants benefit from regular or annual pruning. Trimming or pruning is a matter of joy for most gardeners as proper pruning techniques help them keep their plants healthy and in shape. While annual trimming is good for plants and shrubs, it is important that you’re aware of the right time to prune a specific plant. Plants tend to fall into three categories for trimming:


  • Plants like spring-blooming shrubs and trees need to be trimmed immediately after flowering.
  • Lots of flowering and fruiting plants need to be pruned between late winter to early spring.
  • A few plants need to be pruned continuously to remain vigorous and in flower.


Figuring Out When to Trim Your Plants


When to prune which plant can be daunting, but trimming your plants at wrong times won’t cause any harm to them. Wrong time pruning, however, may result in poor foliage, flowers, and fruit.


 To help you avoid the pruning guesswork, here are some points which can help you learn when to trim the plants in your garden.


  • When to Prune Fruit Plants


Annual pruning is the key to keep your fruit plants attractive and productive. Most fruiting plants need trimming when they are dormant. Pruning of fruit trees is ideal to open up their canopy to air circulation and sunlight to promote healthy growth and fruit production. For example, the right pruning time for apple trees is late winter but you can also prone them during summer and spring if you want, whereas berry plants, such as vaccinium backyard blue, vaccinium premier, and acmena smithii must be pruned during winter time.


  • When to Prune Flowering Plants, Vines, and Shrubs


Flowering plants, shrubs and vines are the most confusing group when it comes to pruning. For fall and summer flowering plants, shrubs, and vines, the right pruning time is late winter or early spring. For spring flowering plants and shrubs, late spring or early summer is the appropriate time.


Choose the Right Tools for Pruning


No matter what type of plants you have, the first thing you need to consider is selecting the right pruning tools. Clean and sharp tools not only make your pruning job easy, but also crucial to keep your plants healthy. The basic tools required for trimming most sydney plants are loppers, hand pruners, saws, and shearers.


Plant trimming is an ongoing task. It gets less intimidating and confusing the more you do it. By following sensible pruning guidelines of gardening experts, you can grow stronger, longer and healthier plants. Click here to know more about pruning and gardening.




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