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How to not kill your plants (VIDEO BLOG)


Hi my name is Christine and when it comes to house plants I have a death toll that rivals Arya Stark. So this is How Not To Kill Your House Plants. Sydney plants online 1. This may seem a little obvious but choose plants that do well indoors. Look for plants that prefer indirect sunlight and don’t require a lot of watering. Things like …. 2. Buy the right pot for your plant online. For plants that you buy online that you need to be delivered to Sydney that need more moisture plastic can help retain water. If you’re guilty of overwatering (me) a clay pot is a good choice because not only are they aesthetically pleasing and worthy of being on your instagram feed they are porous and will soak up some of that extra water. 3. The leading cause of house plant death is drowning. Thats a totally true statistic and not at all made up. Overwatering AND under watering is often the downfall of house plants. If your plant comes with watering instructions please read them. And then read them again. Set an alarm or calendar remind in your phone if you have to. And you know what there really is an app for that now. So you will get a reminder when Jerry actually needs his next drink and when you need to cut him off. Your leaves are turning yellow Jerry so I know you’ve had quite enough. 4. If you travel a lot or are just that irresponsible get yourself a self-watering planter. Yeah, I just travel a lot too. 5. Make sure your plant has adequate drainage! Root rot is real.Thats all I have to say on that one. 6. Slip, slop, slap. Whilst plant sunscreen doesn’t exist - I mean I don't think it does. Plant sunburn is real. If your plant’s leaves are changing colour or turning brown that may mean its getting too much sun. On the flip side, if your plant leaning to one side trying to find the light like an actor onstage of your local community theatre it means it wants more. So adjust accordingly. 7. Nutrients. After buying you plant online and having it delivered to sydneyI’m talking about the plant version of influencer-peddled-vitamin-gummies but like actually nutritious. Using a balanced house plant food regularly as instructed will ensure your plant is getting the nutrients it needs. Also, make sure you’re using the right soil for your plant. Some plants need dense soil whilst other plants, like cacti need fast-draining soil. 8. And lastly, if all else fails get a cactus. And if you manage to kill that…I…I really don’t know. Isn't it so funny how plants can literally grow under any circumstances outside but the second you bring them into your home and show them love they die. Yeah, I’m not taking that personally at all. I hope some of these tips are helpful. If you have tips and secrets let me know. From your friendly neighbourhood plant killer. I’ll catch you next time.

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