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How to keep plants alive in your apartment

If you have once lived in an apartment surrounded by various indoor plants, you’ll discover that giving plants the care as well as the attention they need might be a challenging task. On the downside, even the continual efforts to keep the plants alive might prove abortive, and the plants end up dying. You’ll observe the leaves suddenly begins to get brown, and the petals start to fall. 

Regardless of the area you live, keeping plants alive in your apartment can be a demanding task. For instance, if you stay in an apartment that is far from easy access to quality sunlight to help the plant grow well, the challenges you’ll encounter can be even more. But it doesn’t worth it to abandon all the hope you have nurtured to have a plant-filled home even if it’s a rented apartment.

It is true that not everyone is blessed with the gift of a green thumb, but there are exceptional ways to provide the plants in your apartment with the right environment to thrive and exhibit long happy lives. Here are a few to help you keep plants alive in your apartment:

Assess Your Humidity: When it comes to humidity, indoor plants need the right consistency. With this, you are required to study your environment and know the type of plants that thrive best and even with respect to seasonal changes. Typically, many of the tropical plants will require more humidity, but if your apartment is situated in a less-warm-locale, there are ways in which you can add moistures.

For instance, you can fill the bottom of the plant’s container with gravel and then place the planter into a dish containing water. Keeping a spritz bottle for your leaves will go a long way in strengthening your plants.

Over-Watering and Drainage: When plants are over watered or otherwise not getting the sufficient amount of drainage from time to time, their roots tend to get rotten. Rocks and adequate draining can help in that regard with balancing wet versus dry environment. If you want your plant to stay longer alive, then give room for the soil to dry a little bit between the watering seasons.

Resist the urge to move them around: Make proper research to plot out the best area for plants in your apartment before you pick any new plant babies. It’s incredibly tempting to bring plants home and spend another length of days rearranging until you are able to locate a perfect space for each one of them in your home. However, moving plants from one place to another can send them into a state of shock, and can even result in them shedding leaves. It won’t necessarily lead to their death, but it will make their transition harder.

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