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How to Beautify Your Small Garden

How to Beautify Your Small Garden In Sydney


A beautiful garden appeals to our senses. The fragrance of different flowers, the beauty of a variety of plants and sounds of various insects and birds take us to another world.


So, if you are planning to give your garden a Wow factor, check out our easy ideas. Beautifying a garden is not as difficult as it seems. Especially when you can buy plants online and have them delivered to all of Sydney.  No matter what the size of your garden, there are design principles you can apply to improve the appearance of your garden.


Add Flowering Plants


To give your garden a splash of colours, you can sow a variety of perennial flowers such as Lavender Dentata, Rocky Daisy, and Native Violet.               

Flowers have great potential to beautify any space – you just need to choose your favourite colour theme.


Group Different Plants Around a Theme

Create a collection of plants having the same flower and foliage colour. You can sow same coloured flower plants in a single container to make a great impact. This simple idea can make your small garden eye-pleasing.


Add Some Garden Art


You can highlight your small garden with art pieces. If you’re creative enough, you can use old things to decorate your garden. For instance, a tyre can be used as a hanging flower container or an old chair can turn into a perch for a flower container.


Take Control Over Weeds

Clear away weeds before they go to seed. There are plenty of ways you can keep weed out of your garden naturally. For example, you can add a layer of mulch on your garden soil and will help with established plants. It benefits plants by keeping the soil moist and depriving weeds of sunlight. Moreover, an organic mulch hosts carabid beetles and crickets that seek out and devour weed seeds.

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