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How do I bring a houseplant back to life?

How do I bring a houseplant back to life?

For every plant lover, it is painful to see their plants dying. If you notice your plant’s leaves are turning yellow or falling off, it is time to quickly diagnose them and start their treatment.

There are plenty of things you can do to bring your house plant back to life which we will go into shortly, but firstly let’s learn how to recognize symptoms of a dying plant.

Examine the leaves:

They may be yellowing or browning. If they are crispy, it is a sign of danger.

Watch the flowers or buds:

Browning buds or flowers can be a sign your plant is sick. A house plant should not shed flowers abruptly. Do some research about when your plant seasonally blooms.

Monitor the root:

Check out how stable your plant looks in the soil. The lifting of the roots, wobbling of the base is the indication your plant isn’t embedded deeply.

These are a few common signs that hint your plant may die soon and needs extra care.

Common plant issues and their treatments

Issue: Plant is Turning Brown

If your plant’s leaves are turning crispy brown, especially from the head, it might be drying out. The first thing you can do is check the water requirement. If the soil is dry, you need to adjust the water schedule accordingly. If your plant is getting too much sun or forced air, place it into a suitable atmosphere.

Issue: Plant is pailing from green to yellow.

If the leaves of your plant are turning yellow while the stem is turning brown, possibilities are you are overwatering it. You need to adjust your watering schedule as required. Check out if your container has proper drainage. If the container does not have a drainage hole, use gravel beneath the soil. Remove yellow leaves as they won’t turn green again.

Issue: Your plant is infected

Your houseplant may get infected by pests. There are several ways plant-eating bugs can enter inside your home. For example, from your garden or a grocery store while bringing in fruits and vegetables or from open doors and windows. In addition to this, your potting mix may have bugs too. It is advisable to use an appropriate organic insecticide so that it doesn’t harm your plant.

Issue: Plant is not growing

Think when the last time you fertilized your plant. If it has been a while, it is time to feed your plant. Look for organic fertilizer.

Issue: Leaves are dropping

If you see leaves are dropping off right from the centre, chances are your plant is not getting enough sunlight. Place it outside at least for a few days. Alternatively, you can place it closer to a sunny window.

Still, if your plant is not responding to your care, try repotting. Moving a tired-looking plant into a fresh pot of soil may lead to significant positive changes. Most plants benefit from being moved into a container that is 10-20% larger than the existing container.


We hope the tips mentioned here will help you bring your house plant back to life. For more tips and hints head to Plants Today.

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