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Gardening Hacks from Experts to Make Your Job Easy

Gardening Hacks from Experts to Make Your Job Easy


Gardening is a lifestyle that helps you stay connected with mother nature. Planting trees in your backyard and pruning them regularly brings a kind of serenity and calmness. There is nothing more refreshing than watching your plants growing right in front of your eyes. If you are a newbie to gardening, here are some amazing hacks that can make you a gardening expert. Let’s take a look:


  • Use Cinnamon Powder to Prevent Disease


Cinnamon contains some anti-fungal properties. Use of cinnamon powder on seedings can help you keep them disease-free.


  • Utilize Used Coffee Grounds


Used coffee grounds can help you protect your seeds and plants from pests such as ants, slugs, and snails.


  • Use Eggshell


Use of eggshells can be another effective way to prevent your plants against pests. Spreading coarsely crumbled eggshells around your plants helps you build a barrier against soft-bodied insects like slugs and snails that eat your plants.



Use of coffee filters in your plant pots contributes to less mess and smart plant maintenance. Putting coffee filters between your pot’s soil and drainage hole prevents the soil from leaking out without affecting the water flow and give maximum soil to your plants to grow well. Since they are absorbent they can help in holding moisture from each watering.


  • Use Hydrogen Peroxide


Hydrogen Peroxide is an effective solution to save your plants from root decay and other fungal diseases. The extra oxygen molecules available in this compound helps your plant's roots absorb nutrients from the soil. Use one tablespoon of Hydrogen Peroxide per cup of water to help your plants grow well.  


  • Use Epsom Salt When Transplanting


Transplant shock is common when you move a particular plant from a small pot to a big one. Epsom salt is a great compound to help you protect your plant from this shock. When transplanting, dig a hole and put 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt into it. Now, cover the salt with a thin layer of dirt and place your plant in the hole. This compound works wonder for the healthy growth of your plants.  


These are some simple and clever gardening hacks from experts that can help you make your gardening more successful. Try out these amazing hacks and change the way you garden forever. To know more about gardening, continue reading at Plants Today.



A Guide to Basic Care of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants add texture, colour, and warmth to your home; even some purify air and help improve your health.

Although most houseplants are easy to grow and maintain, they should be given appropriate care regularly. By offering your houseplant a good environment, and the right amount of nutrients and water, you keep them healthy. Here are some tips for basic care of household plants.

Potting Mix

Choose a good quality potting mix. Nowadays, special pot mixes are available for particular plants. Remember, succulents and cacti prefer sandy soil that drains well, while flower bulbs enjoy a mixture of clay, sand, and silt. If you’re not sure, choose a pot mix that suits most plants.


Give Your Plant Proper Nutrition

Get an organic fertilizer, which is specific to indoor plants. Although organic fertilizers are less likely to harm your plants, you should read the instructions carefully. It is necessary to apply the correct amount of fertilizer.

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