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Creating an impressive garden (on a minimal budget!)

Are you looking for splendid garden ideas that give impressive results without breaking the bank? You’re at the right place. Without an adequate budget, the gardening may become a list of weekend jobs. However, you shouldn’t forget that an impressive garden can increase the value and appeal of your house to a great extent. If budget is the primary factor in your not paying attention to your garden, we have some great ideas to create an eye-pleasing garden on a minimal budget.

So let’s take a look..

Does your garden seem tired? Does its exterior look boring? If yes, it is time to shape up your garden and give it life. Remember, even if your garden is filled with alluring plants, it may look dull if it does not have a good shape.

You can start with cutting your lawn grass into a defined shape – it can be square, circle or oblong. Cut away the excess grass using a spade. It shouldn’t take you more than an afternoon. The best thing is it costs almost nothing.

Additionally, to give your garden a structure, you may try natural fences. Box hedges area great plant for this. They grow quickly and can be easily shaped.

Ground cover is an important part of your garden. However, it does not mean, you have to go for expensive plants to enhance its appearance. You can plant AgapanthusTrachelospermum Tricolour, and Bracxhycombe Break Of Day

It may sound like an advanced level of gardening but in reality, it is not.

Tip these plants out of pots, each with root and stalks and plant them in your flowerbed. Once they have grown, dig them up and pull them apart again to get more plants.

This way you will surely save some bucks, five to six geranium plants are sufficient to get going in a medium sized garden.

Trees can make a difference to the entire appearance of your garden and house. Trees around the house reduce wind speed. Moreover, they increase the value of your home.

Undoubtedly, trees can be an expensive investment for your garden, but if you plant young trees like JacarandasCallistemonand gardenias you will find that they are easier on the pocket.

The use of pounded stones is an inexpensive option to create paths in your garden. Mark out the area and sweep away loose soil before you lay them in place. It will stop the weeds from spreading over the gravel. It is recommended to choose pale gravel such as honey stone as it will contrast with your plants and lawn.

If you’re creative enough, you can adorn your garden with inexpensive supplies and DIY ideas. Like you can hang colourful bird feeders, light your garden path with foam board lamps, place a handmade birdhouse in your garden and more.

There are countless more budget-conscious ideas to create an impressive garden, but you can start with these five. For more ideas bookmark our blog or visit our website.

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