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Can indoor plants keep you from getting sick?

It’s inevitable that colds or the flu may affect all of us from time to time. Even if you are a person who eats well and washes their hands at regular intervals, chances are that you’ll battle airborne illness at some point in your life. While most colds may not usually last beyond a week, being sick is a miserable experience that affects all of us at some point in time. The flu on its own comes in a wide variety of strains and may stick around for an extended period of time, rendering us housebound. The knock-on effects from this can affect your home, work and family. Antibiotics have been shown not to bring about effective treatments from either of these health conditions, even if over-the-counter medications have been found to make some differences in the symptoms.

Whenever you are suffering from sicknesses as a result of cold, flu or any other health conditions, let's take a look at a solution that's completely out of the box Plants. Numerous common indoor plants such as palms, ferns and ZZ plants can lower the effectiveness of airborne bacteria and viruses, thereby raising the levels of humidity indoors. And yes, one of the most effective methods of dealing with cold or flu isn’t over the counter medicines but your windowsill! 

According to a study, whenever the humidity of a specific environment moves higher beyond 40%, it will significantly reduce the virulence and infectivity of the viruses that cause flu. This implies that a higher humidity level will reduce the infectivity of airborne viruses. So this is where the effectiveness of indoor plants comes in. All indoor plants (with the exception of cacti and succulents) can elevate the levels of humidity. This is done through a process referred to as transpiration.

Transpiration is a term used to refer to a condition whereby direct sunlight penetrates the leaves of a particular plant and pulls off water from them into the surrounding atmosphere. This, in turn, will make the plants pull more water from the soil to replace the already evaporated water. When the plant is more prominent, it determines the level of water emitted into the air. Humidity increases as the transpiration also increases, and this translates to having more plants. Hence, humidity is raised with the presence of bigger plants.

Above all, as you walk through the season where people battle with colds, flu and other health conditions, there is a wide range of natural remedies for you to try. Some of the indoor plants that prevent you from getting sick include citrus fruits, mints, garlic, elderberry, ginger and a host of other healthy plants. However, do not be afraid of splurging on plants this year; plants do not only purify your atmosphere, but they can also work to keep you healthy.


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