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Are people with plants better people?

Have you ever found yourself engaging in something that is a day-to-day activity, almost insignificant in nature that made you feel really fulfilled at the end? Or you have done house chores that completely changed your mood for the better? You may laugh, but planting and gardening are tasks that are shown to lift your mood and make you feel much more positive each day.

Maintaining and taking adequate care of plants around you is a pretty simple task. From planting the seeds to keeping the garden and also watering on a consistent basis, there are numerous benefits associated with growing plants. Interestingly, the benefits of plants are naturally geared towards being favourable to a person’s character as well as their overall wellbeing.

Several research studies have attested to the fact that growing plants around you can bring about a whole lot of health benefits. The importance of having plants around you ranges from reducing your blood pressure, lowering your anxiety levels, and increasing your level of alertness and attentiveness while also making you a better person overall.

If you are unsure of the reasons why you feel like a better person with plants around you, here are a few of the reasons why;

Improves the overall healing process

Whenever plants are placed in hospital recovery rooms or surrounding gardens they can help patients recover faster. Plants found in offices and workplaces have a relatively higher rate of reducing the risk of sickness in employees. Plants, when they around you, bring a soothing experience as well as contribute to the entire wellbeing of the atmosphere. You’ll always observe that your indoor environment is filled with quality air as a result of the ability of plants to pull in stale air as well as emitting fresh oxygen. Other health benefits of having plants around you include reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, improve sleeping patterns and boosting your immune system.

Better Performance

Plants bring about vitality as well as improving the general state of mind. The subliminal effects of plants contribute to lifting the spirit and bringing about happiness. Whenever an environment is filled with plants, it brings about a positive outlook in people, while also boosting people in that environment into feeling more alive and active.

Plants help to enhance concentration and memory

Having plants around you helps you to concentrate more on any available task whether in your home or your workplaces. As contained in a study conducted at the University of Michigan, people's memory retention increased by 20% while having plants around them and this, in turn, influenced the learning ability positively. The effects of nature also stimulate the mind and the senses and this was shown to improve the entire performance of the study and their mental cognition.

There you have it, just a few of the reasons why people who have plants around them are considered better people. Dedicating a sufficient period to plant and watch things grow might be challenging but it increases your productivity, reaction times, and job satisfaction. By putting in additional time and efforts, you will gain the benefits and overall it will be worthwhile.


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